Although I am an artist by nature, my medium of creation is not limited to Lightroom, Illustrator, ink pen and paint brushes. It expands to the realm of radical healing and self-discovery. My spirituality is my art. 


A few years ago, I started having various health issues that all seemed to be a mystery to solve. I spent hours researching, talking to doctors trying to figure out what was going on. This lead me down a path of natural medicine, energy healing, and eventually spirituality. During summer of 2018, I read books like "The Secret" and "You Can Heal Your Life" that radically changed my life's trajectory. By putting their teachings into practice, I watched my world transform from the inside out; My health issues miraculously dissolved. That same summer, I sold my art to pay for a spontaneous retreat in Hawaii. There, I was introduced to the most supportive group of women that I still consider my best friends. A year later, I dropped everything to go to Colorado to be with my retreat sisters.  This experience strengthened my spirituality and for the first time in my life I felt true alignment; mind, body, and soul. 


Now being back in Virginia, I am still in the process of finding the truth in my purpose; how I can reach that alignment again. I feel as if my story has only just begun.