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Get to know me...

Although I am an artist by nature, my medium of creation is not limited to Lightroom, Illustrator, ink pen, and paintbrushes. It expands to the realm of radical healing and self-discovery. My spirituality is my art. 


In 2016, I started experiencing health issues that seemed to be a mystery to solve. I spent hours researching, talking to doctors trying to figure out what was going on. This lead me down a path of natural medicine, energy healing, and eventually spirituality. During the summer of 2018, I read books by Louise Hay that radically changed my life's trajectory. By putting her teachings into practice I learned what it meant to be fulfilled. I learned how to heal the emotional wounds that keep me from reaching my full authenticity, thus transforming my world from the inside out. As a result, health issues miraculously dissolved.


I began allowing myself to have a wildly human experience, leaning into the full spectrum of life. Because at the core of existence, that is all we have; the experience, the feeling. And that craving, that want within all of us is extremely valid.

This allowance has led me to find a deeper connection to life. I've taken leaps for the sake of alignment; selling my art to go to Hawaii, living in Colorado for six months, road tripping out of the back of my car.

My intention is to share this practice with others and help them get into alignment. To help them heal, and allow themselves to fully live.

As for now, I create value-based, freelance designs for businesses that encompass what I expressed above; spirituality, wellness, organic materials, and nature.

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