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Get to know me...

Although I am an artist by nature, my medium of creation is not limited to Lightroom, Illustrator, ink pen, and paintbrushes. It expands to the realm of radical healing and self-discovery. My spirituality is my art. 


In 2016, I started experiencing health issues that seemed to be a mystery to solve. I spent hours researching, talking to doctors, in an effort to get to the bottom of my unease. This lead me down a path of natural medicine, energy healing, and eventually spirituality. I read books about psychosomatic healing that radically changed my life's trajectory. By putting the teachings into practice I learned what it meant to be truly fulfilled and how to heal the emotional wounds that were keeping me from reaching my full authenticity, thus transforming my world/health from the inside out.


From that point on I decided to allow myself to have a wildly human experience, leaning into the full spectrum of life. This allowance has led me to find a deeper connection to myself, others, nature, and life.


My dream is to share this knowledge with others and help them on their healing journey. As for now, I create value-based, freelance designs for businesses that encompass what I expressed above; spirituality, wellness, organic materials, and nature.

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