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Body Of Water,
A Manifesto


Designed for print, an ode to life outdoors. I wrote this manifesto in an attempt to encapsulate the deep connection we have to water. Ever since I was a kid, before I ever heard of Wim Hoff, I used to swim in the freezing cold ocean outside of my grandparent's house in Rhode Island. Even though it hurt, it felt so good, like a true cleansing of the soul. Now in my adulthood, my partner and I practice cold plunging not only as a means to clean off during our long camping trips but to simply rec0nnect with ourselves, our energy. In addition to its health benefits, skinny dipping in freezing cold water became a sort of fully raw spiritual practice, noticing a sense of groundedness, pure connection after the plunge. 

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Mother Made Me


Aligning with the values of using natural materials and supporting local business, Mother Made Me is a brand I designed for local artist, Melissa Casamento. Mel delicately crochets accessories for infants as well as their mothers. You can find her shop here.

Soil Sustainable Farming,
Steady with the Earth


Soil  is a brand that I created for a sustainable farming company. The concept is a service that builds and plants sustainable gardens for private residences. One that can be used to grow food.

I have a deep appreciation for organic, whole foods and believe the earth would benefit from more small-scale farming. 

My design uses deep greens and photography to portray the natural world and the beauty it holds. I chose the word "soil" because soil is an often overlooked, complex resource. It is the earth's micro-biome, playing a multitude of roles in the circle of life from filtering our water to providing vast nutrients to our food. In today's day, it needs some serious attention and rejuvenation. 

The tagline "steady with the earth", illustrates the energy of the earth and soil; being grounded in moving toward healing our environment, inside and out.


Anker Power Banks,
Quit Playing Small
Hug Less Walls


Because of my travels and spending time climbing, hiking, camping, I wanted to create this campaign for Anker power banks. I wanted to express the passion I have for the outdoors and the freedom that it embodies. The simple pleasure of having a power source that allows you to not be stuck to a wall means a world of a difference to those in the outdoor community.

Great Big Greenhouse,
Earth Day Event


The Great Big Greenhouse is a plant store that also houses an array of gardening and lawn care supplies. It truly is big, by far the largest greenhouse in RVA. It's been around since 1977 and has become a trusted household name to many of Richmond's trusted locals. 


​Unfortunately, while its age has allowed it to become well known among many of Richmond's older crowd, its lack of social media presence and any contemporary advertising has prevented it from becoming as well known among the gen z and millennial crowd. As a result, it also lacks any concrete brand personality.


​Shown here is a light re-branding using Earth Day as the launch point. It revolves around a series of posters that take inspiration from the iconic Richmond art scene, done in the style of Risograph print making. The posters also lend themselves to some promotional materials to be sold in gift shops, helping locals to not only support the store, but advertise it themselves, and create a connection between the local younger crowd and the store itself.


​There are also a series of promoted Instagram stories that would be targeted to the trendier locals, and allow for a launch of a new (and functional) Instagram page.

Let's Be Real,
A Journal


My classmate and I put our heads together to create something we would both be passionate about. Her love for stationary and my love for self-discovery made for the perfect match to create a self-help journal. Through our own individual journeys of self-discovery, we learned that reflection is extremely important in figuring out who we are and what we have to offer the world. Together we brainstormed prompts that would evoke discomfort and added a little twist. Incorporating origami, shredding, burning, and creating, bringing self-reflection to a whole other level. 

Check out the landing page here.

Tattoo Collection,
Natural World


For years I have been creating pen and ink drawings. This hobby has evolved into doing work for friends and tattoo designs. Naturally, I honed in on a particular style that incorporates repetitive lines to create illusive texture and shape. This style was originally mastered by a woman named Jelena Ristic, known as @ofatomsandlines on Instagram. 

In this collection, I put together nine pieces of small, minimal designs that all represent the natural world.

My intention in putting together this collection on Instagram is to have a public place where people can view my work and request tattoo designs. 

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